Las Vegas Part 1

This was somewhere between Dallas Texas and Las Vegas!

Why we got into travel?

While being trapped in my home for months on end back in 2020, we decided that as soon as we could we were going to start going places. So that is exactly what we did. As restrictions started to relax we planned a trip for Las Vegas. We were one of the couple who had our wedding plans destroyed by the pandemic. We were supposed to have our wedding on a cruise ship and then sail off to our honeymoon with just a few of our closest friends. I was heartbroken when we received the email that it had been canceled. So plan B started, Las Vegas!

We started looking and I started pricing and planning! We decided in April of 2021 that we were going to Las Vegas in June of 2021 and booked our flights. Then we started looking for excursion events to do to keep our small group entertained. I was lucky enough to find a lot of options but I did not understand what I was looking at as far as the pricing and the add on expenses. It was a long intensive search until I was able to fully understand what I was looking at.

What is a resort fee? Why am I paying for amenities that are included anywhere else in the country? My answer to that is welcome to the resort world. Most resorts on the Las Vegas strip will add a resort fee, each resort varies on what the fee covers. I felt so heartbroken because I had planned for the cost of the room but at checkout you are seeing this “resort fee” that is almost as much as the room. Now I am scouring the internet trying to find a place without this fee. We were lucky to find spaces for people to stay without this extra fee. So then we were moving to things to do while we were there.

Finding things to do as a group in Las Vegas is very easy to do if, everyone is over the age of 21. We had 1 person over 18 under 21 and that created some chaos. So once again here I am spending HOURS searching the internet looking for things to do for everyone. I was eventually successful however it really took a lot of looking. Then where do we eat while we are there. We had set a comfortable budget since it was our wedding and honeymoon all in one. However when you group is varying from 2 to 8 price can start to be a concern.

By the end we all had a good time and I had spent weeks planning an 8 day vacation that I could never get back! However I was able to take all of my weeks of research and plan a trip for 14 guest (our friends and family) to go back and celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary much more quickly! Now planning a Las Vegas trip is just second nature. I have made charts and lists to make everyone’s life easier! So trip #2 everyone had a packet of information at check in and the joke was made “maybe you should be a travel agent.” I wrote it off because I thought they were just overwhelmed by the information packets and trying to be funny.

Fast forward 6 months from that trip and I am now am planning a second big family and friends trip with close to 30 people on a cruise ship. The light bulb finally turned on and I think you know what I can do this! I made the plunge and became an agent. In the few months of being an agent I have continued to work on our large group, planned a smaller group cruise, found hotels and airfare for domestic travel and certified with I has lost of how many cruise lines, destination, and foreign country’s boards of tourism!

So if you are looking for a travel agent that is capable of handling any travel need foreign or domestic look no further you have found your girl! If you are looking for outdoor adventures then you need to talk to my business partner and husband, he’s your guy!

You can contact us at 740-891-4345 (call or text)


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