Las Vegas Round 2

So I addressed some of the challenges I had the first time we visited Las Vegas. Now to address some more issues from the second trip. The first trip being all 18+ is was relatively easy to keep everyone entertained and find things to do other than gambling when we were all together.

Trip 2 added some children to the mix, and lots of different sleep schedules. So we tended to be of early risers, being from the Eastern Time zone and Las Vegas on Pacific Time zone 10 am=7am in Las Vegas. So for anyone who knows me knows I am not a morning person so being up at 7 am definitely was different. On this particular trip I had broken my ankle and had reconstructive surgery about 6 weeks before we went to Las Vegas. I was using a knee scooter so getting around was easier but I had been in this situation for about 5 months already.

So let’s address the children on the trip. So are there family friendly things to do in Las Vegas, ABSOLUTELY! They enjoyed the indoor amusement park. They also enjoyed the different candy stores that they got to experience. There are so many parks and family friendly museums although they were completely content as well taking advantage of the pool at the resort. The oldest loved experiencing the buffets that Las Vegas has to offer.

Once again we had an over 18 under 21 on this trip. So under 21 you are not allowed on the gaming floors in Las Vegas. It’s not negotiable it’s the law. You can be asked to leave the casinos for violating this policy so please keep that in mind as you think about a trip to Las Vegas. However you can still enjoy other experiences and night life. We did the Las Vegas sign, went and roamed Freemont St., had many great dining experiences and made lots of great memories!

Different schedules creates it’s own chaos! Like I mentioned I was waking up at about 7 am the whole time so I would get up make coffee grab a cup and go outside and enjoy the sunshine before it got too hot outside. So there was a staggered schedule of when people were waking up, so by 10 when most people were starting their day I was already ready for some lunch. Finding things to do when only part of your party is ready to start the day is challenging. So I recommend finding some things to do that are close to where you are staying or taking advantage of the amenities at your choice of lodging. After being up at 7 am most days I was ready for bed about 10 pm. So I did not always participate in the night activities, also with the mobility issues getting around in the later crowded hours could be challenging.

So time for the funny story of the trip! Most of the adults decided to go out for dinner one night. We all loaded up in our respective rental cars to hit the town. We enjoyed good food with a great atmosphere, before going to explore the old strip. We get a few blocks from the restaurant and I realize that I cannot find my phone. So figuring it was just buried somewhere in the backpack I was using to carry my items I did not worry too much about it. We got back to our accommodations and I go through my bag and it is not there. So thankfully I had my iPad and I locked my phone, and also decided to try to investigate where the lost phone was at in Las Vegas! Found it at the restaurant from the previous night. Now this is on the other side of town and we had no plans to go back to that side of town. So needless to say we had to go rescue my phone from the lost and found the next day at the restaurant. So needless to say make sure you know the location of your expensive electronics before you leave places!

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