Preparing for a trip

Well we are less than 14 days from our next family vacation. We will be setting sail on the Carnival Elation for the first time with this multi generation family trip. This trip will be taking our family to The Bahamas for the first time. This is always a hectic time, preparing for a trip.

How I get ready?

1. I start packing!

I basically turn my bedroom upside down in the packing process. I personally print off my lists of what I need to pack. So I am trying a new “hack” for us for this trip. We are cruising and if you have not experienced a cruise the rooms can be small so packing efficiently and allowing yourself room with suitcases being put away is almost a must! This time I am taking the advice of more experienced cruising and packing in hanging shoe organizers. So far so good, I bought some inexpensive organizers online. I have been able to pack 4 sundresses, 4 shorts/capris, 4 shirts, and I still have plenty of room to pack more. I also have packed my toiletry bag. I highly recommend hanging anything for packing it allows you to “unpack” but not have to go through every item individually.

2. The check-in process.

This trip I checked-in all 8 travelers for this trip online. It was an experience. Make sure that you have all the information that is relavent to your travel plans handy because you will need to enter some information during the check-in process. We have multiple ways that people are traveling to all meet up for this trip, some flying some driving. You are able to create multiple sign and sail accounts however works best for your group.

3. Making sure you have all your papers together.

I keep a 3 ring binder with page protectors. I keep one sleeve with documents for each person traveling. I also keep all confirmations for EVERYTHING! I have all the items that we have pre-purchased for the cruise, hotel confirmations, as well as boarding passes, and ship luggage tags for everyone that we are meeting up with before boarding.

4. Make sure you have all your arrangements done.

If you have pets make sure you have someone to watch them or a place to board them. We will be driving so I am going through the process of making sure that our car is ready for the trip. Traveling with our preschool age son we have to make sure that we have snacks and drinks that are easy to manage while traveling. You also will want to make sure to gather up any last minute items.

Getting ready to leave is always stressful but if you start early and work on it a little bit each day and it very manageable. We just try to preplan and make sure to have back up plans in place in case something crazy were to happen. The most important part to remember is that while getting ready to leave may be stressful the time you are about to have on your trip is entirely worth the hectic time that you are currently enduring!

So if you are looking for a travel agent that is capable of handling any travel need foreign or domestic look no further you have found your girl! If you are looking for outdoor adventures then you need to talk to my business partner and husband, he’s your guy!

You can contact us at 740-891-4345 (call or text)


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